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“point of order,”

The House is organized into committees, with members of each divided into specialized groups. These committees have a variety of responsibilities, including conducting hearings and preparing bills for the House. They also regulate House procedures. Almost all bills begin their life as a committee report, and the full House cannot act on them until the […]

Insurance companies understand that busy entrepreneurs

Commercial Property insurance only covers a structure that is not being renovated. Once the renovations start, that can open up a huge gap in coverage unless you have Builders’ Risk insurance. This coverage will pay for damages to the property that is being renovated while construction is in progress. You also have the option to […]

A Breath of Fresh Air in the Entertainment Industry

Julian pursued his profession and honed his talents in preparation for the various responsibilities in college. He is not only a gifted actor but also a gifted storyteller, with extensive experience in developing characters who come to life when audiences see plays or movies. Julian is a professional critic that assesses actors, films, and television […]