Indonesian Independence Day Games

The Euro-Canada school system has not been fully aware of the need of the Cree game. The partial Cree Culture curriculum does exist, but it only has a moderate emphasis on the Cree game itself. The school system does not facilitate the integration of the Cree game in school. Cree does not have national nor international competition; thus, the research on the Cree game is still being conducted . The spread of certain games across such a wide expanse of islands show the importance of seafaring trade among the nations and islands of Southeast Asia. While the people celebrate diverse cultures within Indonesia, the desire for fun and game slot remains part of their shared, national experience.

It is much like skipping rope however the rope that the girls use is made from hundreds of elastic bands that are looped together to form a large ring. The girls take turns trying to jump over the elastic rope which is held by two girls at each end. The gangsing is a top made from bamboo with a small opening on the side. This small hole makes the top whistle very distinctively as it spins. The size of the hole determines the pitch of the whistle.

In Indonesia the game is also known as suwitan or pingsut and is played by young children to see who goes first in play, or just for fun to see who wins. One of the oldest known games in the world, Congklak can be traced as far back as ancient Egypt. Brought to Indonesia, probably centuries ago by Arab or Indian traders, it is just as popular in Indonesia today as it has been for through the ages. Congklak is played on a board with circular indentations along both sides and a home indentation on each end of the board. If the player completes this successfully, he then picks up the biji bekel one at a time while throwing the ball in the air until he has all of the biji bekel in his hand. He then drops them all again and now picks the biji bekel up two at a time and then three at a time, etc. until he picks up all the biji bekel with one sweep of the hand.

Bronikowska M., Petrovic L., Horvath R., Hazelton L., Ojaniemi A., Alexandre J., et al. . History and cultural context of traditional sports and games in selected European Countries, 1–19. Education ministry official Essi Hermaliza said authorities aimed to instill old values in students through traditional games across the country. Cartoon Indonesia traditional games during independence day. Bronikowska, M., Petrovic, L., Horvath, R., Hazelton, L., Ojaniemi, A., Alexandre, J., et al. .

Even, as they are so powerful, the sack they used was getting broken. Meanwhile, the representative of the US Navy, LT Thomas Cumming, said that he was happy with this sport” . Aside from the merriment, the balap karung game could improve self-confidence, especially for children in early childhood .

However, Indonesian spinning top or also known as Gasing has quite unique characteristics compared to other types of spinning tops that came from other countries. This game became very popular in Indonesia after people from Middle East came to Indonesia. Bekeloriginally developed in East Java, influenced by Dutch culture.

The water pouring game has a similar rule to the flour pouring game. In this game, the material is water, while the media used is a glass. Crossing the water game generally needs a good balance because, to play this game, every participant should walk on a bamboo above a pond as a bridge. The participant who can pass the bamboo bridge without falling becomes the winner. In moving the flag game, a participant should have at least one opponent, then decides a start line and puts a bottle in a finish line. In the decorated bicycle parade contest, the participant should decorate their bicycle as attractive as possible.

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