Non-Personal Data Collection and Use

Fun Free daftar judi slot online Games LLC is a non-profit organization that serves the community in providing fun, educational games and other casual games for children of all ages. Fun Free Games LLC was started in 2021 by Jon Bitzer. It is not just a place to post flash games that are boring and extremely repetitive but an atmosphere where you are free to be creative, have fun and relax. One of the things that I love most about this website is the member area. If you love playing games, you will truly get lost here.

All visitors are required to register at the Fun Free Games LLC home page before they are able to access the different games and activities. During registration, you may choose to keep your email address private if you so choose or you can simply sign up with your contact information so that anyone who wishes to contact you may use a free email address instead. This site respects the privacy policies of its visitors and any personal information you may provide will remain secure with secure encryption procedures. In addition, no third parties are allowed to use your email address for their own purposes.

When you sign up, you will probably be given a free Fun Free Games LLC e-book by Jon Bitzer that walks through the entire registration process from beginning to end. Jon has taken great pains to make sure that the Fun Free Games LLC registration process is simple and easy to complete. At the end of the process, you will be required to click on a link that will take you to your personalized game list where you may use a credit card, payment processor or any other payment method that you wish. Please note that non-personal information you may provide will remain secure with secure encryption procedures at the click of a button.

This site is run in conjunction with PayPal, a trusted and respected payment processor. PayPal will still allow you to pay through it even if you wish to use your own credit card or other payment processor. You will also have the ability to create your own account at Fun Free Games LLC as well. When you create an account at Fun Free Games LLC, you will be asked for a payment processor or a method of receiving your payments. PayPal is just one of many payment processors available and you are free to choose whichever one you would prefer to use. However, some may offer you discounts or promotions for using PayPal.

The personal information you may provide will remain secure with secure encryption procedures at the click of a button. You may also choose to receive notifications about updates or changes to your Fun Free Games LLC privacy policies and game lists. Please note that non-personal data you may provide will not be used for advertising purposes. In addition, third parties may use the data received from you for the purpose of sending unsolicited bulk email or junk mail.

As an entertainer you have the right to limit the amount of non-personal data you collect and use. You should inform customers about these options and provide a link for opt out of any advertising or promotional programs. You should also instruct visitors to remove their personal data from your fun free games upon exiting your site. It is up to you to protect your customers’ privacy while still providing them with entertainment. By accepting the terms of use and collection of non-personal data you agree that third parties may use such data in their advertising and marketing programs and in connection with online or offline promotions and sweepstakes, without giving you prior notice. You are waiving any and all damages that may result from third party ad serving technology in connection with your fun free games.

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