Wifi Timer Switch for AC Loads

A convenient option that is share control is capable of allowing you to manage the same device with your family or friends together, simply share it on the eWeLink app to try. Simply set a timer to let your devices switch on/off automatically at a pre-set time through a day. For example, prepare your coffee maker in the evening, and a cup of coffee is ready for you in the next morning. Compatible with the IFTTT function, and you can make more actions happen to trigger other devices, or receive a notification on your phone once the action was triggered. Make sure the phone is connected to WiFi.Open the app and click the add device button to complete the device addition according to the prompts. When the device is added, the main interface of the App will display the device icon, and the WiFi indicator of the device will be on.

Our Wifi Switch sends data to the cloud via a WiFi router, allowing you to remotely control all devices using Ewelink app on your smartphone. @@@@@Explore the range of remote timer switches on Alibaba.com to find great wholesale prices for your customers. They are also to be connected to the high power of the Internet through a variety of remote timer switches with globals at Alibaba. As long as the mobile has network, users can remotely control the appliances by turning them on off from anywhere at any time. Sonoff Smart Timer Switch is an affordable wifi timer switch that provides users with smart home control, It is a remote control power switch that can connect to a wide range of appliances. It measures active power and energy consumed by the controlled load.

We are proud to say that we have maintained a 98.9% customer satisfaction rate since our inception. Inputs support momentary/toggle switches and 0-10V analog sensors, like temperature sensors, humidity sensors, light sensors etc. It can also measure active power and energy consumed by the load. 【Two-way or Multi-way Control】Simple way to achieve two-way or multi-way control by eWeLink-Remote with M5 smart wall switch. Moisture and dust resistant, no potential safety hazard in harsh weather. BASICR2 is tested to work at the excessive humidity environment for up to 48 hours.

As the strict quality policy, we at APICAL ensure that only quality approved materials are used in making our products to stay committed to providing high-quality products to our valuable customers. They all can work continuously work for several hours from -10??? It will also allow you to know how much electricity the electrical device to which it is connected is spending, you will have everything on the screen of your mobile. Control SONOFF devices with the utilization of IFTTT supported app and services. The onedrive link you shared for your code is not active.

Keep the Esp quite away from relay module as RST pin is very sensitive can pick up interference easily and Esp crashes. Modify the current AC wiring switch to be series with terminal block of relay board. Here 5V adapter is powered from the same switch used to turn off after the time is elapsed. Many products claim to be “Made in Australia”, when in fact very few are produced locally. By contrast, Avenir makes the majority of our products from raw materials in our high tech facility in Hornsby NSW. To see true Australian manufacturing watch our video.

Amber color LED for each button with adjustable intensity– Soft and easy to be found in the dark. Easy installation, easy handling and can be activated immediately and stable. The AppeWeLinkenables you to control your Sonoff Basic WI-FI Intelligent Timer Switch 10A 220W Digital Wireless Control Module easily. You can download the iOS version in App Store and the Android version in Google Play. Without changing its original smart features, BASICR2 made the upgrade and optimization mainly on its safety to provide the higher value and usage experience to our users. DC To AC SSR-40DA Solid State Relay Module 3-32VDC/24-380VAC 40A is a solid state relay which allows you to control high-current AC loads from l..

PL2303 TA Download Cable USB to TTL RS232 Module USB to Serial cable is the easiest way ever to connect to your microcontroller/Raspberry Pi/WiFi rout.. 【Multi Trigger Ways】Trigger the smart scene by clicking, double click, or long-press. Here my load is an exhaust fan timed to be off after 2 minutes.

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