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Having charity cyber insurance will help minimise the reputational and financial impact of a data breach at your organisation. Each charity will have different insurance needs, how much cover you buy will depend on a variety of factors. Whatever the size or aims of your charity, we’ll work to find a solution which protects your assets, volunteers, trustees and operations from unexpected costs. We’ll talk you through your legal requirements in terms of key areas including Employers’ Liability. Entity defence covers your charity against identity fraud, investigations (other than by HM Revenue & Customs), corporate manslaughter and breach of contract.

This includes accidental property damage, injury, and compensation of legal fees. Ensuring you are covered for claims as a result of injury or third-party property damage involving stakeholders is important. We can provide public liability insurance for non-profit organisations and charities to cover the risks of all your activities. We have a friendly, experienced team on hand to understand your organisation’s needs and explain the range of covers available to you. The cover you’ll require will largely depend on the type and nature of the charity you are starting up. It’s likely that you’ll require cover for your premises and assets, employers liability & public liability.

No matter how big or small the charity, we are able to suit all your requirements. Professional indemnity insurance covers the cost of defending your charity against allegations of professional negligence, such as giving poor or incorrect advice to a user of your services. This could be someone undergoing counselling with your charity, for example refer the link

Just because you’re a club, charity or community group, and doing something positive, it won’t stop people from pointing a finger at you if things go wrong. If you’re not sure what you need, tell us a little more about your charity or not-for-profit organisation. We’ll help you to build your quote and explore any other insurance needs.”,”Charity Insurance”,”anonymous,uncategorized,misc,general,other” “Charity Insurance from expert UK Charity Insurance”,”

Any trustee, officer or employee performing duties on behalf of the organisation that fails to meet their legal obligations can be held personally liable for their actions and the actions of others. Employers’ liability insurance is a legal requirement if you employ staff or volunteers. It covers against allegations of injury or illness suffered by staff during their employment.

Whether you are part of a large, nationwide group, or a place of worship for your local community, we can help arrange cover that suits your needs. Specialist charity insurance helps ensure that your volunteers, fundraisers, supporters and the general public are properly protected. Protects your charity against dishonesty, theft, or fraud by employees. Employee crime insurance provides protection for financial loss, caused by an employee’s criminal or fraudulent behaviour. The cover can provide income protection if the business is interrupted by an insured peril.

You can read more about our support of the community and charity sector here. With our insurance, you’ll receive instant proof of cover, meaning your charity or group is immediately protected and you can commence with activities. You can now find all of our charity fundraising information and resources on our parent company’s website. Discover the four key steps to fundraising success, along with support, guidance and tools to help you with fundraising. Extensive cover – we protect everything charities depend on, people, funding, assets and buildings, plus reputation.

Please read our Charity Shield policy wording for full benefits and exclusions of the policy. We’ve partnered up with Virgin Money to provide tailored business insurance for business banking customers. You can get a quote for charity insurance with Superscript by clicking on the ‘Get a quote’ button.

This means the underwriter has been independently assessed by the world’s leading credit rating provider and found to have a strong capacity to meet financial commitments . The process should take about 4 minutes and will involve answering a number of questions about your business to determine what selection of covers you need. Managing charities in the shadow of a pandemic April 20, 2021 Book your place at our webinar where our expert panel with review the considerations to aid your roadmap to recovery. Why ESG matters to your charity February 22, 2022 The ability to demonstrate sound environmental, social and governance practices may prove vitally important for charities and funding.

Our insurance is backed by Aviva and we are Aviva’s chosen charity and not-for-profit partner to support charities and communities of all sizes. Cyber insurance is not a new cover, but what was once a nice to have should now be considered as an essential cover to protect your organisation, no matter the size. We can help you to protect your business, manage your budget effectively and keep up with new regulations from the Charity Commission. In light of the Oxfam and Red Cross scandals, the full details of which are now coming to light, it is a good time to reflect on this and other issues that have befallen charities and their trustees. Our job is to assess your needs and find the insurance that matches those needs, while cost is a factor it is important to consider the value of the cover provided and to make sure you are not underinsured.

As an independent charity insurance broker, we will work with you to find the best possible insurance package for your needs, from the country’s leading charity insurers. Your public liability cover will pay the cost of the damage if a claim is made. Whether you operate from an standalone office or remotely, public liability insurance should be top of your insurance agenda. Many charities hold sensitive data and are increasingly more at risk from cyber attacks. Cyber insurance is key to ensuring you’re fully protected against any potential damages or costs resulting from an attack. Cover for small charities can start at £198 annually or £16.50 month, for a basic insurance package that might include employers liability and public liability.

Take out public liability insurance if you need it for fundraising events, such as fêtes, shows or performances. Some venues may even require you to have a certain level of cover. You may also be able to get cover for cancelling an event due to bad weather.

It covers you for up to £10 million of costs if someone who works for you falls ill or is injured while working for you. If you have trustees, you may also be required to have trustee indemnity insurance. Charity Shield has been designed to meet the insurance needs of charities, community groups and not-for-profit organisations operating in the UK. It offers a wide range of cover and incorporates a number of features not normally found in a standard business policy, e.g. charity trustee insurance, bequeathed property, death of a patron, authorised volunteers.

Talk to us to see what limits of public liability would work best for your charity. But if you think about the risks involved with running events, it’s important to consider public liability insurance. And if you have staff or volunteers working for you, it’s likely that you’re legally required to have employers’ liability insurance. If you employ staff or volunteers – whether full-time or part-time – employers’ liability insurance is usually a legal requirement.

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