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A block with contact information does not induce the user to do anything, but gives them an option to contact you, clarify the details of the presentation, and ask questions. You can use any other QR code maker, though, because the principle is the same. Most of these services are free, but they might charge you for additional design features, statistics, or number of scans. A QR code is an easy way to share a link to your presentation, Facebook group, Youtube channel, or email address while avoiding the need to manually type long URLs. In this post, I’ll tell you how to create a QR code for free and fast.

They have a fantastic assortment of free powerpoint templates roadmap by www.hislide.io and backgrounds that you can download and use as needed. Presentation Magazine has a large collection of more than 2000 free PowerPoint templates. Get easy to edit PowerPoint backgrounds and download updated latest PowerPoint calendar templates. Presentation Panda is giving away free PowerPoint templates that help keep your presentation deck slides organized with clean aesthetic and sleek subsections.

A “thank you” slide can do several things at once. For example, provide contact information and a link to download the presentation. I don’t recommend using more than 2 types of content, as it will make the slide difficult to understand. Hislide contains a wealth of spectacular keynote elements and templates for sophisticated presentations. Most of the 57,000+ templates are absolutely free, once the user shares the website link; some templates are ready-to-use on the subscription conditions. The catalogue of the keynote templates is divided into two parts.

Then you’ll go up to the “Arrange” tab within the toolbar. Then you’ll go down the dropdown menu to the “Shape” option. Then you’ll go over to the “Shape” option under the initial shape. Now you know all of the ins and out of cropping an image, including where the crop tool is in Google Slides, how to use it, and how it will look when you crop or mask an image. When it does, go to the crop icon toward the right of the screen.

In “Slide Sorter” mode you can also select several slides out of order. Holding down the “CTRL” (or “Command”) button allows you to select multiple slides in different parts of the presentation. “Loop Until Stopped” – The option to play the video “infinitely.” The video will start playing again right after it ends. This option does not work for videos inserted from YouTube or Vimeo. “Hide During Show” – Completely hides the video after demonstration. Useful if you want to use one slide to show both a video and related content.

The locked object cannot be edited, nor can its size and shape, its position on the slide , or format settings. This is a useful way to protect important information from accidental deletion. But, unfortunately, the lock object function is not currently available in PowerPoint.

Once you’ve inserted your image into the slide, you can crop it to your liking. How to select single or multiple PowerPoint slides. Use the “CTRL” (or “Command”) hot key to select all the slides you want. You can use this function to select slides that are not in order.

All infographics and illustrations are created specifically for MAC Keynote so you can edit them with two clicks. Our free Google Slides templates are so simple that beginners can work with them.

I have created a table with an illustrative comparison of the main features of these services. Each of them has their own pros, and may be more or less useful for audio recording depending on your goals. Open the access to audio files in “View” mode.

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