The best gift for a plant lover could be lucky

The resurrection plant makes a unique gift thanks to its singular ability to return to life before your very eyes. This native of the Mexican desert has adapted to survive in extreme drought by curling into a ball and remaining in this lifeless state for years, if necessary. For more information about the safety of specific plants, consult the ASPCA’s searchable database. A self help book of sorts for aspiring indoor gardeners by the plant lady herself, Summer Rayne Oakes. This small, modern watering can is equal parts sculptural objet d’art and functional, practical plant must-have.

Plants are the perfect present for anyone and for almost every occasion. The best gift for a plant lover could be lucky bamboo, air purifying plants, money plants and bonsai plants etc. Buy plants from Winni; we provide a manual on how to maintain the green plants. These small tokens of greenery act as a perfect gift for those who love to surround themselves with plants. Green plants are very thoughtful gifts; they can be easily gifted to anyone and everyone.

Today, thanks to Interflora, you may give a piece of nature to someone close to you and help them realise their dream. In order to bring the benefits of nature into your house, our exotic selection of luxury plant gifts has been carefully selected and designed for contemporary homes. Aside from their stunning botanical beauty, Plant cadeau hampers are recognised to offer a number of advantages that make them the top option for your next gifting list.

Everyone in our group has that one individual who is a plant enthusiast. Plants are the ideal gift for practically anyone and almost any occasion. Lucky bamboo, air-purifying plants, money plants, and bonsai plants are among the best gifts for plant lovers. But commercial varieties of orchids are hardy and easy to grow with only moderate attention. It’s most important to get the climate right—orchids prefer moist, temperate conditions and partial, indirect light. Getting orchids to rebloom can be something of a challenge, but decreasing light and temperatures are cues for them to begin the process.

Most indoor plants require watering every one to three weeks. Go onto the website to see all the different options available. Gifting a plant is a gift that your loved ones will cherish all their lives.

Floom is a great resource for shopping for arrangements from local florists near you, but it’s also a good stop for buying plants, like this cool staghorn fern. Just pop in the delivery zip code, and you’ll see great options nearby—some of which can even be delivered same-day or next-day. With a nursery in San Diego, California, Lively Root focuses on building a community and lifestyle of engaging with nature. There is a wide variety of lush greenery available and their website is a landing page full of guidance, testimonials, and a shopping experience curated to your needs. Each plant is shipped in sustainable packaging, making Lively Root an eco-friendly standout on this list. UrbanStems may be known for its flower selection, but its plant selection is praise-worthy, too.

Because of this tough and resilient nature, Cactus plants are symbols for endurance. The outer thorns are symbols of protection from external sources like negativity or any other physical challenges. Because of this rich symbolism, Cactus makes for a meaningful plant gift for people who are real fighters in any situation. You can choose from different types of Cacti that grow in interesting shapes and some even bloom colorful flowers. Bird’s Nest Fern makes for a beautiful indoor plant gift thanks to its rich foliage and unique leaf formation. The leaves form from the center of the plant to resemble a bird’s nest.

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